I stared. I stared at the apartment building he lived in. I wasn't looking at it sadly, in fact, I was staring at it angrily. He has a girlfriend now!?! I took out Pigtunia from my purse, hugged it, and shoved it back into my purse. 

He forgot one thing about Veronica Washington, she gets mad, easily.

I went into the apartment building, scanning the apartments, I found Mason's. I'm gonna make him sorry.

I went in, and threw his typewriter on to the floor. I grabbed the books off his bookshelf and ripped every page out of them, asnd threw the pages all over the floor. I threw his laptop on the floor. I broke the photos on his desk of him and some girl. I took out everything in his end table, and made his drawers fall. 

I left his apartment, and before I did, I erased the peoples memories, so they would never remember seeing me. I stared at the apartment, guilty. God, why does this aalways happen to me? I take my anger out on something, then I feel guilty. 

I walked all over New York, and found the love of my life:

A bakery. 


"Finally, you're here!" I said, jokingly to Mason. He smiled, and I ran upto him and hugged him. He twirled me around, hugging me. 

"I believe today is someone's birthday." Mason said, happily.

"You remembered?"

"Of course I remembered. You're my girlfriend, you're the most important person in my life." he said, sweetly. "Yeah, yeah. What should we do?" I asked. "What do YOU want to do?"

I thought for a minute, today is my 22nd birthday. 

"A walk in the park."

Mason laughed, "Really?"

I glared, "Yeah. Im 22, I should do something different!"

Mason smiled, "I guess we're going walking, then." We walked out, happily.



Well, I guess I'm back in Waverly.

I come here every weekend, and today is Alex's birthday, so, I had to come. I bought her some Copic Markers and Prismacolors. I know how she likes art. I guess. As I was walking, I saw a girl outside the bakery, tears running down her face.

"Hey, why are you crying? A pretty girl like you doesnt deserve to cry." I said, in my most charming voice. She stared. And, I looked at my clothing. I was still wearing my WizTech cloak. I quickly shoved the cloak in the bag, embarrassed.

"WizTech? Huh." she said. I stared at her, and realized she was a wizard. 

"Yeah, I'm a proffesor there." I said, proudly. She laughed. "What?" I asked.

"I went to Merlin's Academy for Gifted Wizards." She said, in her most braggy way. I gotta say, I'm pretty jealous. She went to Merlin's? Wow, only the most advanced wizards get sent there. 

"Wow. Well, I'm Justin Russo."

"Are you that one ass from Trauma Center?" she asked.

"No! His name is Luc. And plus, my last name is spelled R-U-S-S-O."

"I'm Veronica Washington. It was nice meeting you."

"Hey, wanna hang out later?" I asked. I might be dating Juliet, but, I can still hang out with girls, right? She smiled, "Sure." I left, smiling, and, well, I saw Veronica lighting a cigarette.



"Alex, I wanna give you your birthday present now." I said, on our third walk. We stopped at a bench. And, I took out the box.

"Alex Russo, will you make me the happiest man ever, and marry me?"

Alex stared. Not a confused stared, but a happy stare. 

"You didn't have to ask, you know I'm gonna say yes." She said, and I put the ring on her finger. I kissed her, happily. We walked around a couple more times, with Alex's head lying on my shoulder. We walked back to the Sandwich Shop. I left, with a kiss. 


"Hey, Justin. Hey mom. Hey dad." I said, staring at my finger.

"Hey, sweetie. How was your date?" mom asked.

"Great." I said, happily.

Justin looked at my finger. "What's with the ring?"

My mom and dad gasped. They ran up to me and stared at my finger.

"Honey, you're engaged?" Dad asked. "Well, yeah. Mason proposed."

They were happy. "Sweetie, we're so happy!"

I'm glad, though. And, I ran up to my room, smiling.

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