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Veronica Washington is a female main character in Easy Love. She is portrayed by Lucy Hale.


Veronica is shown to have anger issues in some scenes. At one point, she is shown to be destroying Mason's aapartment out of anger. She is also shown to be very smart, considering we attended Merlon's Academy of Gifted Wizards.In flashbacks, she is shown to be very sassy and sarcastic. Although, she's always had the anger issues. She was shown to be very emotional sometimes, and to keep her happy, she would either carry around her pig puppet, or smoke.


Veronica is shown to be pretty in present-day. In flashbacks, she is shown to be a classic "goth-chick", and would be shown to always wear black. She still does. She also has a way to change the way clothes look even though she'd had them for years.


Mason Greyback:Edit

Veronica and Mason had a relationship with Mason in flashbacks. In one, Mason kisses her. They ended up sleeping togethr that night. In other flashbacks, Veronica is shown to kiss Mason on graduation day. Veronica ends up moving the next week and kisses him one last time. Their bond is very strong, but she ends up being angry with him and destroys his apartment.

Justin Russo:Edit

Veronica meets Justin while crying outside of a bakery. They end up hanging out together, and, at one point while in a car, Veronica kisses him. Justin pushes her away, but feels guilty for liking it. They still hung out, but never spoke of the incident.


  • Veronica attended Merlin's Academy for Gifted Wizards.
  • Veronica and Mason kissed a total of 4 times, 3 in flashbacks, and once in present-day.
  • Veronica carries around a pig puppet and smokes to make her feel happy.
  • Veronica has anger issues and destroyed Mason's apartment.
  • Veronica kissed Justin.


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